Beginner Piano

Liz began her music career at age 8 when she took accordion lessons alongside her twin brother. She later found a love for the Viola.

In high school, Liz enjoyed being the section leader for her school choir and orchestra while competing and participating in All-District and All-State Large and Small Ensemble contests. While this classical training was helpful, Liz found that she was more passionate about how she could use music to help others. She discovered avenues to do this such as a high school program called ENUF Stop Bullying. In this auditioned group, students in her high school traveled to elementary schools and performed musical skits to promote awareness about bullying.
Inspired by her sister with Autism, Liz discovered a love for helping those with special needs as well. This passion as well as her love for music have led her to UMKC where she is double majoring in Music Therapy and Psychology. This is where she has further developed her Viola, Voice, Piano, and Guitar skills.
Although Liz loves Music Therapy, she loves teaching just as much. Currently she is a teacher for a new program in Kansas City called Harmony Project KC where she teaches Viola to underprivileged students after school 3 days a week. Liz also currently has multiple private students in violin, piano and voice.
In her free time, Liz loves to travel, play volleyball, spend time with her husband and family, read, and do outdoor activities.

“Liz is very kind and always has a smile."
Want to Grow Your Mind with Language and Music?
Welcome to Language and Music House

The best time to expose children to music and language is while they are young; as by high school many people have lost the ability to hear specific accents or tones. That is the mission of Language and Music House, to grow minds through language and music. This includes Dyslexic minds as well, which are powerful but need to be taught reading and languages in a different way. At Language and Music House each class is tailored to each individual child or adult.
Our offerings include:
  • French Classes – En group, Mommy/Daddy and Me (toddler), and private
  • Spanish Classes - Group, Mommy/Daddy and Me (toddler), and private
  • German Classes - Group and Private
  • Japanese Classes – Group and Private
  • Italian Classes - Group and Private
  • Language Tutoring - Private
  • Piano Lessons– Private and Group – Two Tracks available for those more serious and those playing for fun
  • Violin Lessons– Group Lessons and Private
  • Voice Lessons - Private
  • Trumpet Lessons - Private
  • Guitar and Ukulele Lessons -Private
  • Percussion and Drum Lessons - Private
  • Flute Lessons - Private
  • Trombone Lessons - Private
  • Recorder Lessons - Group and Private
  • Clarinet Lessons - Private
  • Oboe Lessons - Private
  • Toddler Music  
  • Summer Camp and Spring Break Camp
  • Dyslexic Tutoring - Private
  • Speech Therapy - Private
  • Tomatis Therapy for ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Anxiety - Private and at home