Ashleen - Oboe


  Ashleen Atchue is a student at University of Missouri Kansas City, studying music performance.  She studies oboe with Celeste Johnson.  At UMKC she plays oboe and English horn in the Wind Symphony, Orchestra and Opera.
            As a performer Ashleen has traveled to Italy with the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra as principal oboist.  Ashleen has performed solo recitals both her freshman and junior years of college.  She interned at Bocal Majority Double Reed Camp, where she helped teach chamber ensembles, reed class, and performed chamber music for the students with other faculty.  She has been featured as a concerto soloist performing the Marcello Concerto in C Minor with the Stillwater Youth Orchestra.  She has been in two chamber ensembles at UMKC, both were trios.  One was an oboe, flute, piano trio, and the other was oboe, bassoon, and piano. She won the third-place prize at the Missouri Double Reed Society young artist competition.   The summer of 2016 she performed at the Opera Maya Music Festival, and this summer attended the Bayview Music Festival. 
                        Ashleen has worked with many wonderful oboists in masterclass settings including Richard Killmer from Eastman School of Music, Dwight Parry from the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Amy Anderson from Texas Tech, Dan Schwartz from University of Oklahoma, Nancy Ambrose King from the University of Michigan, and Sara Fraker form the University of Arizona.

Want to Grow Your Mind with Language and Music?
Welcome to Language and Music House

The best time to expose children to music and language is while they are young; as by high school many people have lost the ability to hear specific accents or tones. That is the mission of Language and Music House, to grow minds through language and music. This includes Dyslexic minds as well, which are powerful but need to be taught reading and languages in a different way. At Language and Music House each class is tailored to each individual child or adult.
Our offerings include:
  • French Classes – En group, Mommy/Daddy and Me (toddler), and private
  • Spanish Classes - Group, Mommy/Daddy and Me (toddler), and private
  • German Classes - Group and Private
  • Japanese Classes – Group and Private
  • Italian Classes - Group and Private
  • Language Tutoring - Private
  • Piano Lessons– Private and Group – Two Tracks available for those more serious and those playing for fun
  • Violin Lessons– Group Lessons and Private
  • Voice Lessons - Private
  • Trumpet Lessons - Private
  • Guitar and Ukulele Lessons -Private
  • Percussion and Drum Lessons - Private
  • Flute Lessons - Private
  • Trombone Lessons - Private
  • Recorder Lessons - Group and Private
  • Clarinet Lessons - Private
  • Oboe Lessons - Private
  • Toddler Music  
  • Summer Camp and Spring Break Camp
  • Dyslexic Tutoring - Private
  • Speech Therapy - Private
  • Tomatis Therapy for ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Anxiety - Private and at home