Piano, All Levels

Part of the advanced track

Angie, Piano Instructor is a pianist and composer born in Costa Rica. In 2009 she received a scholarship to further her piano studies with Dr. Donna Lee at Kent State University. In 2013 she was accepted at Dr. Ray Kilburn’s piano studio at Ball State University for the degree of masters in piano performance and pedagogy.
In 2015 her compositions were accepted by the composition department at BSU, thus making her a candidate to pursue a double masters in piano performance and pedagogy, and composition. At BSU she had the opportunity to study with composers Dr. Jody Nagel, Dr. Derek Johnson and Dr. Eleanor Trawick. As a new resident to Kansas City she is excited about immersing in the music scene and expanding her music career in performance, composition and teaching.

Notable works in 2016 include her electronic piece titled El Sueño which received an honorable mention in La Metáfora de los Sonidos competition.  Her work in electronic music titled I want to know what goes on in your head premiered at Ball State’s EM (Electronic Music) concert series.

Additionally, her commissioned artwork was featured in the 2016 documentary Freedom is Written in the Stars premiered on Indiana’s local and state PBS. She is excited to perform and premiere her upcoming chamber music duo for piano and violin titled Reminiscence, and her piano trio titled Monet’s Water Triptych. 

We had Angie as a piano teacher for 3 years and we loved her since the beginning . She has so many qualities like great personality, excellent teacher, willingness to work with us when we were struggling… – Magy L.
Want to Grow Your Mind with Language and Music?
Welcome to Language and Music House

The best time to expose children to music and language is while they are young; as by high school many people have lost the ability to hear specific accents or tones. That is the mission of Language and Music House, to grow minds through language and music. This includes Dyslexic minds as well, which are powerful but need to be taught reading and languages in a different way. At Language and Music House each class is tailored to each individual child or adult.
Our offerings include:
  • French Classes – En group, Mommy/Daddy and Me (toddler), and private
  • Spanish Classes - Group, Mommy/Daddy and Me (toddler), and private
  • German Classes - Group and Private
  • Japanese Classes – Group and Private
  • Italian Classes - Group and Private
  • Language Tutoring - Private
  • Piano Lessons– Private and Group – Two Tracks available for those more serious and those playing for fun
  • Violin Lessons– Group Lessons and Private
  • Voice Lessons - Private
  • Trumpet Lessons - Private
  • Guitar and Ukulele Lessons -Private
  • Percussion and Drum Lessons - Private
  • Flute Lessons - Private
  • Trombone Lessons - Private
  • Recorder Lessons - Group and Private
  • Clarinet Lessons - Private
  • Oboe Lessons - Private
  • Toddler Music  
  • Summer Camp and Spring Break Camp
  • Dyslexic Tutoring - Private
  • Speech Therapy - Private
  • Tomatis Therapy for ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Anxiety - Private and at home