2019 Spring Break Camp

Timing TBD

There will be a Spanish and a French Spring Break Camp. Camps will be from 9 to 3:30 with before and after care available. The Spring Break Camp will be a Movie Making Camp. 

2019 Summer French Camps
​All Day from 9 am to 3:30
(Before and After Care Available)




June 10th– June 14th: This will introduce students to many different languages. Through music, art, and language we will visit: France, Germany, Japan, and Spanish speaking countries to introduce children to multiculturalism. ​​
July 8th – 12th:  Children will learn about the Independence Day of France (July 14th). They will learn French songs, cook traditional French food, and participate in outdoor French games. We will get a small taste of geography and learn directions as we learn about the monuments of Paris.
July 15th – 19th: Films are very important in French culture and this week is dedicated to just that! Not only will we learn vocabulary about movies, but children will write, direct, edit, and star in their own movies. This week is focused on getting kids to practice speaking in a fun way!



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July 24rd – 26th: Artists such as Monet, Renoir, and Degas are synonymous with France. This week we will learn not only key vocabulary around art, but what makes these impressionists so grand. The afternoon will be dedicated to creating their own little masterpieces!
August 5th – August 9th:The morning will be dedicated to learning an actual French play. Groups will be assigned dependent on the level of French;. The afternoon will be dedicated to creating the costumes, props, and scenery. A performance will take place at the end of the week.

2019 Spanish Language Summer Camps

All day from 9-3:30


The Colors of the Spanish Speaking World

Children who Speak Spanish

Spanish Language Summer Camps combine learning another language and culture through:  music, art, history, activities, games, STEM projects, and YES mom and dad even a few worksheets too! The idea however is more emersion and learning through doing as infants do with their mother tongue. Children will be having so much fun they won’t realize all they are learning.
May 27th to May 31st - focusing on learning colors with songs, artwork, throwing balls in colors, games with our teammates in colors.We have some cool color science projects too. 
June 10th - June 14th - Children around the Spanish speaking world. We will focus on how to say hello in different parts of South and Central America as well as Spain. We have multicultural projects and games that the kids will make from different regions. We will learn what kids do in Spanish speaking countries. Play some of their games. Make some of their games and eat their food. 


Magic School Bus Part 1

Magic School Bus Part 2Science

July 15-19th - We will be playing fun games that are popular in Spain, South and Central America. Making our own soccer ball and team flag. Learning Body Parts in conjunction with sports. 
July 22nd to July 26th - Traveling like Miss Friz from the magic school bus to Spain, and Central and South America. Focusing on Geography. I think this is the part 1 of the July 31st camp. So focusing on the animals in week one and then more science in week 2!
July 29th to August 2nd. The rainforest and geography play a special role in the lives of Spanish speakers in Central and South America. We will learn about the geography and Science in that region. We might even make a valcano. 
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Want to Grow Your Mind with Language and Music?
Welcome to Language and Music House

The best time to expose children to music and language is while they are young; as by high school many people have lost the ability to hear specific accents or tones. That is the mission of Language and Music House, to grow minds through language and music. This includes Dyslexic minds as well, which are powerful but need to be taught reading and languages in a different way. At Language and Music House each class is tailored to each individual child or adult.
Our offerings include:
  • French Classes – En group, Mommy/Daddy and Me (toddler), and private
  • Spanish Classes - Group, Mommy/Daddy and Me (toddler), and private
  • German Classes - Group and Private
  • Japanese Classes – Group and Private
  • Italian Classes - Group and Private
  • Language Tutoring - Private
  • Piano Lessons– Private and Group – Two Tracks available for those more serious and those playing for fun
  • Violin Lessons– Group Lessons and Private
  • Voice Lessons - Private
  • Trumpet Lessons - Private
  • Guitar and Ukulele Lessons -Private
  • Percussion and Drum Lessons - Private
  • Flute Lessons - Private
  • Trombone Lessons - Private
  • Recorder Lessons - Group and Private
  • Clarinet Lessons - Private
  • Oboe Lessons - Private
  • Toddler Music  
  • Summer Camp and Spring Break Camp
  • Dyslexic Tutoring - Private
  • Speech Therapy - Private
  • Tomatis Therapy for ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Anxiety - Private and at home

Information on all Camps

  • Children must be at least 6 years of age to participate in the camp, unless it is a toddler camp.
  • Each Camp will be limited to 15 students to ensure maximum learning
  • Minimum of 5 students required to run the camp. If minimum is not met, camp may be rescheduled.
  • Language & Music House will provide snacks at mid-day, students are encouraged to bring their lunch for all day sessions
  • Before and Aftercare available upon request

Contact leighann@languageandmusichouse.com

Camps will be held at our home base at 4100 Central Street in the Nutterville Neighborhood near Westport